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Drive Efficiencies and Transform Your Business Processes

Workflow Solutions automatically drive documents into the flow of your enterprise-wide business processes, enhancing productivity and optimizing efficiencies. Also known as Business Process Management (or BPM), these solutions can move, copy or delete documents based on predetermined rules you design, while triggered email notifications can ensure prompt action and simplify supervision.
Using an intuitive interface, you transform your current business processes into digital workflows. Each workflow can involve as many steps as you need, and you can trigger another workflow at any stage in a document's life cycle. You can perform any number of actions on a document as part of the workflow, from changing its security access to automatically assigning metadata. And in addition to routing documents from one user to the next, you can choose from a variety of other distribution options, such as routing documents to groups, parallel routing and conditional looping.

How Could it Work for You?

Suppose you're a sole proprietor with a large quantity of invoices, which you generate using Microsoft Excel. You might send these invoices to the document management repository and then, using Workflow, automatically route them to an "Awaiting Action" folder. Then, when you've performed an action on an invoice, such as setting its status field to "Payment Due," Workflow can route that invoice to a particular folder and perform other actions, such as emailing the invoice to a client along with notification that their invoice is due. Then, once you've received payment, you might set the document's status to "Paid," upon which Workflow could take further action. And if 30 days pass without payment, Workflow could generate a reminder email to your client. (See our complete automated Accounts Payable solution here)

“We’ve gotten new business because of the system and other existing clients get better, more cost-effective service.”
Tom Richichi, Beveridge and Diamond Law Firm




System workflows can be established entirely through drag-and-drop configuration of business rules, or users can be asked to make decisions based on the documents or forms presented to them.

Workflow is Much More than a Digital Paper Shuffle

  • Design simple or complex workflow routing rules on a graphical canvas,
    choosing from a broad palette of workflow actions.
  • Maintain integrity of routed documents, given that they never leave the repository.
  • Assign field values or annotations and change security access to
    repository documents from a workflow.
Unity Business Systems
  • Specify search criteria for locating a repository document that should be
    processed by a workflow.
  • Specify routing to groups, task and notification escalation, serial or parallel routing
    and conditional loops.
  • Use Windows Workflow Foundation™ activities to extend workflow functionality to
    all line-of-business applications.

 Wondering how your organization would benefit from Workflow?

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