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As organizations evolve over time, they typically create disparate silos of applications and resources designed to solve individual business problems. This creates an increasingly complex, divided architecture that forces the sinking of significant resources into maintenance rather than new project development. And as more and more content flows in and out of organizations - and regulatory and compliance mandates raise pressures on IT departments - the need to control unstructured content and improve data governance is increasing.

Connect and Empower People

Making people more productive is a direct result of enabling them to access resources and knowledge regardless of where they are and what device they use, through a user experience optimized for usability and adoption.

Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure

Driving cost efficiencies and accomplishing more with the same resources is possible through the consolidation of all the key business collaboration solutions into SharePoint 2010 and using this common platform to deploy solutions for your intranet, extranet, or for your Internet web presence. 

Rapidly Respond to Business Needs

When time-to-market is key, SharePoint 2010 enables people to customize the out-of-box platform and deploy solutions that enable them to address specific business requirements quickly and in a secure manner.


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As a Microsoft Sharepoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) partner, Unity Business Systems helps organizations effectively deploy Microsoft Sharepoint to connect their disparate islands of data, integrate their technology with streamlined business processes, and to personalize their information for specific groups and individual users. With a proper Sharepoint deployment, teams can share documents, calendars, databases, discussions and more on one simple dashboard, giving them the real-time business intelligence they need to be more successful. Get the competitive edge you need - CONTACT UBS NOW to learn how we can help your knowledge workers succeed in today's rapidly changing business environment.


Real World Example: HR Onboarding with Sharepoint and Laserfiche




“We now have, at the tip of our fingers, the capability to access up-to-date information without having to physically go through tons of files.”
Barbara Sears, AMF Bowling Corporation


How Sharepoint Improves Your Productivity

  • Team Collaboration - Creating an environment that allows teams to work together by providing an intuitive, flexible, and secure capability for sharing information.
  • Web Portals - Delivering the capabilities to personalize the user experience of an enterprise website by providing individuality, security and social networking capabilities.
  • Download 8 Sharepoint Secrets

  • Enterprise Search - Locating relevant data and content distributed across a wide range of sites, document libraries, business application data repositories and other sources. Enterprise search also supports the location of appropriate resources to address specific questions.
  • Content Management - Creation, review and management of content, regardless of the format of the content. Content management can include document management, records management and Web content management.
  • Business Forms and Integration - Creation and implementation of forms that drive the enabled business operations through the use of business process workflows. The forms are delivered via standard Web browsers and can be extended via the integration with databases and third-party applications.
  • Business Intelligence - Delivery of business-critical information using a wide range of solutions, including server-based Excel spreadsheets, SQL Reporting and KPI tools, to assist in the decision-making process.


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Building an Integrated Environment

Microsoft Sharepoint and an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can co-exist in an organization's computing environment. While it might first appear that the two systems share some of the same functionality, they can actually complement each other. The Sharepoint architecture design limits the number of documents that can be stored in a single folder or document repository. This limitation may require a repository design that includes a deep, nested folding structure to accommodate all of the organization's documents. This compares to the ECM solution design that accommodates millions of documents in a single folder. Another difference is in the records management functionality. This version of Sharepoint's Records Management capability was designed for organizations that require the ability to implement a uniform, non-segmented file plan.

ECM Records Management solutions are designed for those organizations that require DOD 5015.02 compliance. In each case, the ECM solutions provide a capability that surpasses the Sharepoint functionality. Using the Sharepoint interface, a user can access both Microsoft Sharepoint and the ECM system from a single integrated interface. Leveraging the power of these two systems in a tightly integrated environment is what we call Agile ECM.

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