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Increase Transparency. Ensure Integrity. Enforce Records Policies.

Information is at the heart of everything your organization does, and the rate of information growth today, according to the Economist Magazine, is increasing tenfold every five years. Controlling your organization's proliferating paper and electronic records can be demanding. How do you adhere to records retention policies organization-wide - without raising costs or disrupting everyday work processes? The Laserfiche Records Management Edition is your scalable, enterprise-wide solution to these daunting challenges.

Some Key Benefits Include

With the Laserfiche Records Management Edition, you can easily implement an enterprise-wide records management plan, transforming your records program from a cost center into a business asset. The Records Management Edition unites a complete document management platform with a DoD 5015.2 - certfied records management platform, giving you a simple, cost-effective way to achieve your records management goals.

The Lifecycle of a Record

A record is the evidence of what your organization has done. It captures your business activities, correspondence, and transactions, and it can come in many different formats:

  • Physical Paper
  • Electronic
  • Website Content
  • Database Information

An Intro to Transparent Records Management


Your records are information assets that hold value for your organization. You have a duty to all stakeholders to manage those assets effectively to maximize profit, control cost, reduce risk, and ensure the health of your organization. Records Management can be defined as the systematic control of records throughout their lifecycle. And at the heart of this control is a concept called Information Governance. With proper governance in place, you have the foundation to empower your organization in ways that were never before possible: you can now begin to leverage your information assets with Agile ECM.

With over 15 years experience in content and records management, Unity Business Systems can help you realize the control you want, the security you need, and the ease-of-use that you are looking for. Contact us today at 888-400-9064 for a demonstration.

“Unity Business Systems has provided us with a solution that can be used in so many ways. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what UBS and Laserfiche can do.”
Kimberly Salyers, Division of Schools, Frederick County, VA


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