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Data Entry Services

Data entry is not your core business function but it is necessary for your business to operate. Managing data entry employees is costly because lower level employees typically require close management and generally have high turnover. Why deal with this painful process when you can outsource it to professionals who can help you cut significant cost! The processes and technologies we employ enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and speed, and also address your need for document and data security and confidentiality. Read More

Access-Plus Records Storage

Predictable Storage. Predictable Access. Predictable Budget. Access-Plus Records Storage is an innovative solution designed for organizations who recognize the benefits of moving bulky business records offsite but who are not comfortable committing themselves to risky, hard-to-decode pricing models and records “hostage” fees. Its hallmark is its simple, all-inclusive pricing model. You simply pay one flat monthly fee per box of records stored – regardless of whether you need regular access to your files, or none at all. It makes budgeting a breeze. Read More

Document Scanning

Looking to reduce your backlog of paper or film documents? We employ a variety of document imaging techniques and equipment to provide you with high quality images from the smallest receipts to the largest blueprints and maps. These images are then delivered to you electronically per your pre-determined method and schedule. We digitize critical documents streamlining your business and saving you time and money. Read More

Document Management

No longer just paper-based objects, "documents" now represent numerous forms of content such as paper, fax, email, application and web matter. As this unstructured content grows exponentially, enterprise business processes tend to bog down causing measureable losses in efficiency and productivity. Intelligent Document Management is the practice of digitizing, indexing and archiving both paper and electronic documents for easy retrieval and collaboration, giving you a competitive edge by strategically harnessing the value of this divergent media. Read More

Workflow Solutions

Automated Workflow Solutions drive both electronic and scanned paper documents into the flow of your enterprise-wide business processes, enhancing productivity and optimizing efficiencies. These solutions can move, copy or delete documents based on predetermined rules you design, while triggered email notifications can ensure prompt action and simplify supervision. (See our complete Accounts Payable automation solution here). System workflows can be established entirely through drag-and-drop configuration of business rules, or users can be asked to make decisions based on the documents or forms presented to them. Read More

Sharepoint Solutions

As organizations evolve over time, they typically create disparate silos of applications and resources designed to solve individual business problems. This creates an increasingly complex, divided architecture that forces the sinking of significant resources into maintenance rather than new project development. With Microsoft SharePoint, you can connect islands of data, integrate technology with business processes, and target and personalize information for groups and individual users. You can share documents, calendars, databases, discussions and more on one simple dashboard, giving your team the real-time business intelligence they need to be more successful. Read More

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