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Define and Manage Information Policies Centrally - Deploy Locally

Information Governance proactively and consistently reduces risk, miscommunication and reinvention in your organization by enforcing policy-driven controls to manage your information, and facilitate and enable a diverse range of business applications. It is, in essence, the underlying infrastructure which gives consistency to the other technologies and strategies that exist across your enterprise.

information governance, business intelligence, business process management, collaboration, risk management, eDiscovery

There are two main components of information governance - the policy piece and the technology piece. The policy piece is the human side, and is the definition and development of business goals and objectives, risk analysis and policy and procedure. In other words, the organization's information blueprint. The right technology piece enables the consistent application and enforcement of this blueprint over the enterprise, transforming dormant, perhaps even fragmented, data into true organizational value. This is the heart of a truly Agile ECM system. Read our free report, Recognizing the Value of Controlled and Flexible Governance.


Unity Business Systems


The Information Governance Framework

With over 15 years experience in information governance, Unity Business Systems can help you realize your Records Management, Business Process Management, or Agile ECM goals. Contact us today at 888-400-9064 for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

“So far the results have exceeded our expectations.”
Joseph A. Horbal, Commissioner of the Revenue, Chesterfield County, VA

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