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Enterprise Content Management in Education

Reduce Record Storage Costs, Protect Student Confidentiality and Improve Service Quality.

  • Eliminate the need to copy, transport and store paper documents
  • Answer information inquiries faster with direct access to transcripts, disciplinary actions and reports and other student file information
  • Safeguard confidential information with comprehensive security features
  • Reduce manual entry errors by automatically extracting data from student information systems (SIS), state databases or other district-wide applications

“Unity Business Systems has provided us with a solution that can be used in so many ways. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what UBS and Laserfiche can do.”
Kimberly Salyers, Division of Schools, Frederick County, VA




As student populations grow, so do records. But with increasing demands for instant information and the storage and retrieval burden of complying with regulations such as NCLB, FERPA and HIPAA, administrators are striving to do more with less.

University of Southern California transforms itself with ECM!



 Consider the Costs

  • Copy or print student documents to add them to files
  • Maintain separate file cabinets to secure confidential files
  • Copy and transport student files to share with administrators
  • Pull, copy and re-file student documents when parents request them
  • Manually search through files to locate student suspensions, progress reports and more

Consider the Electronic Difference

  • Scan attendance documents, notes from home and report cards directly into student files
  • Protect information with comprehensive security functionality including audit trail monitoring
  • Provide authorized administrators with secure Web access to student files
  • Instantly print copies of student files for parents
  • Easily search by keyword or template field to locate information in student files

Physical document storage consumes valuable office and classroom space, and recreating lost and misfiled documents costs time and money. Unity Business Systems can give your company the tools needed to combat the inefficiency and expense of paper storage.

The Benefits are Clear

  • Eliminate the costs of pulling and transporting records from off-site storage
  • Instantly fulfill record requests without having to copy and collate large numbers of documents
  • View, print and e-mail documents right from your desktop computer
  • Archive documents to DVD or CD-ROM, or publish them to the Web

With Unity Business Systems, you reclaim time, resources and labor costs by eliminating paper-based processes, while also increasing document security, improving information accessibility and automating business processes.

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