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Enterprise Content Management for Local Government

Protect Documents, Streamline Agenda Creation and Provide Efficient
Access to Public Records

  • Eliminate the need to copy, transport and store paper documents
  • Give 24-7 online access to ordinances, zoning/planning information and other documents
  • Safeguard confidential information with comprehensive security features
  • Easily back up critical information to ensure government continuity in the event of a disaster

“The system was hardly out of the box and it had already saved the day."
Kay Ragland, Attorney’s Office, City of Chesapeake, VA




Consider your growing workload; responding to demands for instant access to public records; keeping those records secure; maintaining archives of maps and drawings and providing access to engineers and emergency personnel. As you face these demands in the Clerk's office, Public Works, Police and Fire departments -- throughout local government -- what is the impact of paper and microforms-based records management on budget, productivity and quality of service?

Consider the Costs

  • Hours spent responding to public information requests
  • Time-consuming document retrieval from records rooms and off-site storage
  • Administering complex records retention, accession and destruction procedures
  • Manual compilation, approval and distribution processes for agendas
  • Challenges of preserving public records for the future
  • Difficulty controlling access to and distribution of sensitive records

Consider the Electronic Difference

  • Easy, secure Web publishing to save time and labor
  • Instant document retrieval to improve productivity
  • Simplified, consistently enforced records policies organization-wide
  • Cost-effective agenda creation and distribution
  • Secure, reliable archiving on CDs, DVDs and other media
  • Enhanced records protection and security

Document management puts you on the fast track toward more focused, more agile and broader-ranging public service. And it does it all while making your job easier. That’s 21st-century government. Unity Business Systems can give your company the tools needed to meet the challenges of public service.

The Benefits are Clear

  • Enforce consistent records procedures with DoD-5015.2-certified tools
  • Find information faster
  • Protect documents and records
  • Streamline integration and deployment

With Unity Business Systems and Laserfiche, you reclaim time, resources and labor costs by eliminating paper-based processes, while also increasing document security, improving information accessibility and automating business processes.

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