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Enterprise Content Management for Law Enforcement

Keep your Force Informed and your Information Secure

  • Manage entire case files, from paper and electronic documents to photographs and digital audio or video recordings
  • Distribute information to other agencies while limiting access to confidential records
  • Protect the integrity of criminal investigations with strict control of access to police reports and evidentiary records
  • Redact records to be released in accordance with local, state and federal regulations while maintaining information confidentiality

“The system was hardly out of the box and it had already saved the day."
Kay Ragland, Attorney’s Office, City of Chesapeake, VA




Tighter budgets, evolving threats to public safety, collaboration with nearby jurisdictions and a host of state, county and federal agencies...the challenges of high-performance policing require secure, effective management of proliferating information in the form of paper, electronic documents, email and digital media.

Consider the Costs

  • Preventing the unauthorized viewing and release of confidential information
  • Compliance with separate retention periods for juvenile, misdemeanor and felony records
  • Staff hours spent on repetitive data entry tasks, indexing, photocopying and manual searches for records in off-site storage facilities
  • Lost or misfiled case documents and records
  • Officers having to wait for records to support their investigations and court appearances
  • Delays in information access for officers responding to emergencies

Consider the Electronic Difference

  • Preserve document integrity and control access rights
  • Streamline compliance with multiple retention periods for different types of records
  • Free staff from repetitive tasks and allow them to retrieve documents and records instantly from their desks
  • Automatically file and index documents and records as soon as they are scanned
  • Put more officers on the streets armed with complete information
  • Improve emergency response times by delivering accurate, timely information to first responders

Managing law enforcement records is an increasingly complex task, and the quality of your public service depends on your ability to make the most of your information. Unity Business Systems can provide solutions that help you meet these demands by getting the right information to the right people while protecting it from unauthorized access and distribution.

The Benefits are Clear

  • Manage and distribute case knowledge
  • Share intelligence for a rapid response
  • Restrict information access to authorized personnel
  • Deploy quickly and simplify support

With Unity Business Systems and Laserfiche, you reclaim time, resources and labor costs by eliminating paper-based processes, while also increasing document security, improving information accessibility and automating business processes.

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