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Winchester, Virginia: Frederick County Public Schools - HR Department

Winchester, Virginia: Frederick County Public Schools - HR Department

Their problem was simple: the Frederick County Public Schools Human Resources (HR) Department in Winchester, Virginia, needed a solution to save space. Over the years, all of the archival paperwork associated with hiring and providing services to employees continued to grow – quickly filling up filing cabinets. Storing additional paperwork or searching for certain information became tedious and time-consuming. The HR department needed a solution to help them store and locate their inactive files more efficiently: enter Reams Document Imaging.

“Like most school systems, we were running out of space,” said HR secretary Kimberly Salyers. “Prior to the UBS solution, our files were stored in boxes in an overcrowded archive room. It was difficult to get into the room, and even more challenging to locate the desired information within the room.”

Unity Business Systems created a custom solution, using Laserfiche software and a Fujitsu 3093 scanner, enabling HR employees to begin scanning inactive employee records into a unified, secure repository.

“We scan all inactive employee records over 5 years old. The main benefit of the Reams solution is that the information is now at our fingertips, as opposed to having to retrieve information from filing cabinets or the archive room” said Salyers.

The search features of the solution, including the look-up mode, have been particularly useful to the HR department in their day-to-day activities.

“The search features are user friendly! There are so many ways to search for something and it’s always been easy to use and navigate. Having the look-up mode set up on multiple workstations has also been nice because our department is housed in multiple offices,” said Salyers.

“Reams has provided us with a solution that can be used in so many ways. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what Reams and Laserfiche can do – it’s nice to know that one day we will be able to go completely paperless,” said Salyers.

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