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York County/Poquoson, Virginia: The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

York County/Poquoson, Virginia: The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

The York County-Poquoson Circuit Court is using Reams’ Court Records Management System (CRMS), the latest indexing and imaging system in the Reams line of document imaging solutions.
The CRMS system employs state of the art technology including the comprehensive
Laserfiche document imaging system.

“Using the Court Records Management System and LaserFiche has been extremely beneficial in managing our records. It has allowed us to work more efficiently,” said Lynn S. Jenkins, clerk of the circuit court for York County and the City of Poquoson.

With the previous system, only one staff member could index at a time. This was time consuming and caused significant delays in providing information to the public. However, with CRMS, multiple users are easily able to index roughly 200 – 250 documents and scan several thousand pages per day. Last year, they recorded over 40,000 land records, which was nearly double the amount recorded during the previous year. Following are specific improvements:

• Caught up the indexing of back-logged documents
• Completed the electronic transfer of land record documents, including land maps (plats) previously stored in books to allow easier access and higher quality copies for citizens
• Improved the convenience and speed of access for citizens to call up filed documents that they want to review or copy
• Provided better remote access by which citizens, who choose to do so, can get information from official records without the need to come to the Courthouse or call the Clerk’s Office

The County of York chose Reams document Imaging solutions for several reasons including the capability to share records in a network with other departments such as utilities, billing, the Commissioner of Revenue and GIS Mapping. Rather than waiting up to 30 days, at times, to process the localities permanent records, the clerk’s office can process land records and plats in less than a day and can access and share them with other departments at any time.

CRMS and Laserfiche were also appealing to the York County-Poquoson Circuit Court due to the intuitive search options. Before implementing Reams’ solutions, staffers were only able to search by record name and date and would have to thumb through thick indexes and physically look through several file cabinets across many rooms of the building.

Conversely, with Laserfiche’s document imaging system, staffers can locate documents within minutes while sitting at their own desk. Users perform Boolean searches from their desktop and locate records by phrase, document type, author, address, parcel identification number, instrument number, and more. The scanning and indexing capabilities provided by the Reams imaging solution also safeguards against misfiling and provides significant quality control over the operations, which is very important to Lynn S. Jenkins, clerk of court and her staff of fifteen.

“We are pleased with the level of support and service that we receive from Reams. Serving the public is my number one priority. With their document imaging solutions, we are able to maintain our records with efficiency and promptly provide information to the general public,” Jenkins said.

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