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Warren County, Virginia

Warren County, Virginia

It’s an age old story for offices all around the world: too many boxes, not enough space, too much time wasted searching for documents, not enough productivity from employees—the list goes on and on and on…! The story was no different for several Warren County, Virginia local government departments when they decided to do something different—start a new chapter—and contacted Unity Business Systems for a solution.

“Basically, several departments were all in agreement that we needed to create better organization of our limited storage space by condensing our paper filing boxes and to save time and improve efficiency in the search and retrieval of those documents,” said Planner Matt Wendling from the Planning and Zoning Department.

A space assessment study determined that an electronic document management system needed to be implemented. Enter Unity Business Systems, a Virginia-based Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the well-known Laserfiche software.

“Warren County began using Laserfiche in just a few departments, but their implementation has quickly expanded into several other offices and individual projects,” said John Geist, Technical Support Director for UBS.

Chapter One: Planning and Zoning. This department is using Laserfiche for Conditional (Special) Use Permits and Subdivision archiving and retrieval.

“We would eventually like to link with the GIS and parcel data for a comprehensive quick look review of parcel information,” said Wendling.

Chapter Two: County Administration. This department is scanning minutes and agendas for the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and working their way back to the early 1970s for scanning of the minutes from the BOS meetings, public hearings, closed sessions and work sessions.

Chapter Three: Fire and Rescue. This department is using the Laserfiche software for Personnel files that involve HIPAA requirements.

“We really like the security features that the software offers,” said Senior Office Associate Missy Henry.

Chapter Four: Finance. Under Finance Director Carolyn Stimmel, this department is using a barcode scanner with Laserfiche and Quick Fields for Accounts Payable and purchase orders.

Chapter Five: Commissioner of the Revenue. Under COR John H. Smedley, Jr., this department is using Laserfiche and Quick Fields for their project of Tax Relief for the Disabled and Elderly, and will be using it for Meals, Beverages and Lodging taxes in the very near future. The COR office has just finished with their 2008 “tax season” and are gearing up to input the data into Laserfiche.

Chapter Six: Warren County Public Schools. The school had a previous document records management system they were pleased with, but when that company went out of business, they knew they needed another reliable system to support all of the information they were storing.

“Our main goal was to get information from our previous system and start utilizing Laserfiche in the manner we had utilized our other system,” said IT Director Melody Sheppard.

The school has implemented Laserfiche so that the administrative team can use it to access all of their applicant information. At this point, Laserfiche has become a one-stop shop.

“Now staff members don’t have to come to the School Board office to print out applications; they are able to access the information with a few clicks of their mouse,” said Sheppard. “Also, our Personnel Director likes the amount of security Laserfiche has in place. He does not worry that a document will be accessed by anyone who does not have the rights to view that document.”

Being able to manage the applicant review process electronically has also resulted in a more streamlined and efficient hiring process, putting Warren County a step ahead of a lot of school systems within the Commonwealth in the recruiting “war” for qualified teachers.

Overall, Warren County seems to have found success across the board in several departments utilizing Laserfiche. According to the general consensus, just a few reasons why Warren County likes their UBS/Laserfiche solution include:

o The security and administration
o The potential to be a total document management solution for the entire County
o The ease of access to specific electronic documents

“I do feel that we are well on our way toward utilizing and implementing the Laserfiche software and are discovering its’ capabilities in assisting us in our document management goals,” said Wendling.

So while Warren County’s story is nowhere near complete, things now look to be on track for an eventual “Happily Ever After…!”

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