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Martinsville, Virginia: The City Manager’s Office

Martinsville, Virginia: The City Manager’s Office

The City of Martinsville is using Laserfiche WebLink, to make public documents available over the Internet at www.ci.martinsville.va.us/weblink.

"We believe in sunshine government, in allowing what the government does to be open to the public," said Dewey Cashwell, former city manager for Martinsville. "Making these records available is part of our efforts to engage citizens in the proceedings of their local government.

"Since more and more folks are using the Internet to get information, it made sense for us to make our records available over the web," Cashwell continued. "This way people can go there and find out exactly what their city leaders are doing and what they are saying by looking at the actual council minutes and agendas. They don't have to rely on a second-hand account."

Martinsville chose Laserfiche WebLink to post their records because it met all their requirements, and because a local Laserfiche reseller, the Reams Corporation, had an outstanding reputation among other cities in Virginia.

"Laserfiche met all our criteria in terms of making documents available in the easiest and most comprehensive manner," Cashwell said. "I checked with other jurisdictions who had bought Laserfiche software through Reams, and I found an outstanding level of satisfaction with Reams' customer service and user support. We've enjoyed the same level of service from Reams."

Reams Document Imaging is headed by Carl Long. Reams' installations include government agencies and companies in the manufacturing, financial, engineering, legal and general contracting sectors. On-staff hardware engineers and Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA+) understand clients' needs and help them create and implement effective, cost-saving solutions.

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