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Chesterfield County, Virginia: The Commissioner of the Revenue

Chesterfield County, Virginia: The Commissioner of the Revenue

The Chesterfield County Commissioner of the Revenue (COR) Office is using an innovative Reams solution, through Laserfiche software, to improve important office duties. The COR’s office deals with a large quantity of tax return documents and correspondence each year and needs a safe and fast method to maintain organization within a strict set of regulations.

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for assessing the tangible personal property tax, business tangible personal property tax, machinery and tools tax, business license tax, short-term
rental tax, transient occupancy tax, public service corporation tax, and bank franchise tax. The COR also processes state income tax returns and administers the real estate tax relief for the elderly/disabled program.

“We are required by law to retain from three to six years of tax return documents. We also have
a large amount of correspondence that we must reply to and track,” said Joseph A. Horbal, commissioner of the revenue.

The manual processes of searching, faxing, photocopying and distributing documents
were costly and time-consuming.

“Our main goal was to use Laserfiche to improve the workflow process and create an environment where there would be the least amount of paper handling as possible,” said Horbal.

A successful workflow software solution eliminates the need to move documents physically from place to place. No more time spent figuring out who has the document. No more lost documents. No more making copy after copy of a document. Once the Chesterfield Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office made the smart and cost-effective decision to go with a Reams solution, they found that their workflow processes improved tremendously. The highlights of the Laserfiche Workflow Suite:

• Eliminates the paper shuffle with efficient routing services
• Easily models work processes with an intuitive user interface
• Achieves rule-based effectiveness that allows professionals to use their own judgment
• Dynamic folder creation generates folder structures based on index field information
• Workload balancing distributes documents evenly among team members

Workflow creates an environment where the staff perform as responsible professionals whose time is better spent making decisions instead of copies.

“All aspects [of Reams’ products and services] have been easy to work with. Also, the cooperation between Reams and our IT personnel has been very helpful. So far the results have exceeded our expectations. We have reduced processing time for our correspondence and have reduced back-log to only a few days, at most,” said Horbal.

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