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Augusta County, Virginia: The Commissioner of the Revenue Office

Augusta County, Virginia: The Commissioner of the Revenue Office

Before Unity Business Systems (UBS) implemented a Laserfiche system at the Augusta County Commissioner of Revenue’s (COR) office, all of their tax records were being stored in filing cabinets. When a taxpayer called to inquire about their return, they would put them on hold and have to find the paper file manually.

Larry Wagoner, chief deputy commissioner of revenue at Augusta County said, “Nothing is worse than not being able to locate a tax return when a taxpayer has a question.”

Another problem they faced was space. They kept needing more and more filing cabinets and running out of space to put them.

“We were growing in the number of returns that we were processing each year and although we had bought additional filing cabinets a few years ago we were out of space again,” said Wagoner.

It became clear that they needed a change. Something had to be done to free up some room and make it easier for them to access this vital information.

UBS provided a solution that would not only eliminate the need for filing cabinets, but would also give them the ability to pull up their documents with the press of a button

“Hot key” functions were created, enabling them to use their existing Bright program in conjunction with Laserfiche. All they have to do is click one button and Laserfiche immediately retrieves the corresponding tax return. The amount of time saved by having this function is almost immeasurable.

Using a Laserfiche product called QuickFields, Augusta County COR was able to effectively scan around 50,000 returns in two weeks by using bar codes to automatically index their documents.

“The way Reams Document Imaging/UBS integrated Laserfiche with the Bright system has exceeded our expectations. It is easy to use and our staff quickly learned to use and like it,” said Wagoner.

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