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International Auto Parts

International Auto Parts


The Problem

With over 75,000 parts and accessories, International Auto Parts (IAP) is North America’s largest vendor of Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia parts and accessories. The company has microfiche containing over 25,000 images of vehicles that are no longer manufactured in the U.S. Having to rely on a microfiche reader every time a part needs to be viewed is very time-consuming; having to view the microfiche frequently is also risky because the wear and tear on the fiche is irreversible – and in many cases, their microfiche contain the sole images of specific car parts.

The Solution

Unity Business Systems has successfully scanned the microfiche for International Auto Parts. UBS also indexed each image according to the applicable header (including car make, model, year, part number, etc.). Currently, IAP is in the process of writing an application that will allow customers to quickly search through the scanned images for specific car parts, verbiage and diagrams.  Some other highlights include:

• Projected annual savings of 15K-20K
• Scanned microfiche means no more wear and tear on the valuable images
• Faster and more secure access to business-critical information

This particular project has been such a success that IAP is considering a future scanning job with UBS to scan car manuals so they can be converted into PDFs for easier access and availability to their company and customers.

Customer Quote

“Unity Business Systems and its Scanning Bureau are easy to work with and very professional. The turnaround was timely,” said Demetrius Washington, International Auto Parts.

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