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Automated Paperless Agenda

NovusAGENDA is an electronic meeting management software designed to help create, approve and track items for past and future [Board] meetings. The time and budget saved by automating the agenda and meeting management process has astounded users since 2002. Better yet, NovusAGENDA now includes NovusBOARDVIEW, bringing the full power of electronic data access to the fingertips of each board member.
Customer Success

“We wanted something in which we could incorporate our City seal so brand configuration was critical in our decision making process,” explained Stephens. Novusolutions worked with us so that everything – headers, background, font size, and type style are the same as the previous forms.

City of Topeka, Kansas


NovusAgenda Benefit Highlights:

Board Members
NovusAGENDA brings board members many benefits including:
  • Reduced paper flow – no more file cabinets at home
  • Electronic search – Members can search past minutes and agenda with a mouse click
  • Online meeting preparation – no more scribbles or sticky notes

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Board Clerk
Want to talk about a life changing experience? Rollout NovusAGENDA as a board clerk.
  • Agenda is created in a second with one mouse click
  • Changes are automatically applied and renumbering is instant
  • Agenda can be published to the web without support from IT
  • Last minute changes are supported and the history will track those changes
  • Each item has an audit history for better accountability
  • No more lost items
  • Recording motions, votes and actions is a breeze
  • The list goes on…call us for more information

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Staff are typically our most vocal supporters:
  • They can submit items on their schedule and forget about it. This removes the organizational paralysis associated with meeting deadlines
  • Staff can search past minutes and agenda with a mouse click
  • Staff can be authorized to view agenda in draft format prior to the meeting

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The public can sometimes be demanding when it comes to access to information
  • Public searching is on the web
  • Public can see current and past agenda and minutes
  • Public can print agenda or minutes right off the website

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